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Qinheli Travel Agency

A Brief Introduction: founded in 1985, Qinheli Tourism Co., Ltd. is formerly known as the branch office of the China Youth Travel Service in southwest Hunan province.... [more]

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Huaya Hotel

Huaya Hotel is a five-star hotel in Changsha city, Hunan province.... [more]

Chairman Mao's braised pork

Red-braised pork is a dish in memory of Chairman Mao Zedong for it was his favorite. Many restaurants call it "The Mao Family's red-braised pork".... [more]

Marinated goose webs

Dongting cured wild duck meat stripes

Dongting turtle

Baling fishing banquet

Zhangjiajie specialty: Tujia brocade

Tujia brocade is produced in Tujia and the Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the western Hunan province and exhibits a long history. It is a product developed by ethnic Chinese minorities.... [more]

Yueyang specialty: Junshan silver needle tea

Xiangtan lotus seeds

Dongjiang fish

Guzhang Maojian tea

Crying marriage song

The "crying marriage song" is a folk song originating from the Tujia people. According to their customs, brides begin to cry a month before the wedding day using various words.... [more]

Pingjiang nine-dragon dance

Climb a knife ladder


The bamboo culture

Famous local products-Changsha

The Pedestrian Street in Huangxing Road, which starts from Simenkou in the north and ends at Nanmenkou in the south, is a street integrating shopping, leisure, recreation, restaurants and tourism.... [more]

Special local products-Zhuzhou

Special local products-Yongzhou

Special local products-Yueyang

Special local products-Yiyang